I WOULD like to support the Queensbury Tunnel Society in the continued fight to save an amazing Victorian historic tunnel.

Last week my wife and I visited Derbyshire and stayed near Ashbourne, directly getting access to the Tissington trail, and using our bicycles.

The Tissington trail is a brilliant example of an old railway track which spans many miles of cycling and walking access, allowing safe pedestrian usage.

One part of the trail passes under a tunnel, just like the Queensbury Tunnel, conjuring up the euphoric feeling of the past, when steam trains used to race through from Ashbourne to Buxton.

It would be great to repeat this transformation with the Queensbury Tunnel being brought back into service, providing accessibility to green usage for pedestrians and cyclists.

I know it costs a lot to make this happen but the benefits far outweigh the alternative, namely the tunnel being filled in and forgotten for ever!

Roy Williams, Keighley

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