MP Robbie Moore joined Philip Davies in the press on September 16 to continue the farce known as the Keighley and Shipley ‘breakaway from Bradford Council’.

In my last letter to the Keighley News on this matter, I pointed out that Mr Moore’s Private Members' Bill scheduled for March 24 this year failed to make the ‘cut’ and was rescheduled for November 24. However, any bill that has failed to achieve royal assent by the end of this parliamentary session (due any day soon) will fall – the certain fate of Mr Moore’s bill.

Moreover, the Conservative Government, instead of breaking up councils, has been amalgamating them. This happened this year in nearby Craven District Council (covering Skipton), which was abolished and a unitary authority created covering the whole of North Yorkshire.

Robbie Moore and Philip Davies’ plan to break up Bradford is as likely to happen as Theresa May’s promise to cut immigration, Boris Johnson’s plan to build a bridge over the Irish Sea, Liz Truss’ tax proposals or Rishi Sunak’s plan to stop the boats. Never has the saying ‘all mouth but no trouser' had greater relevance.

Val Carroll, Silsden