KEIGHLEY Quakers are joining with their national organisation and other groups in calling for a just peace now in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.

Quakers in Britain have signed a joint statement with church leaders and Christian organisations, convened by Christian Aid. The statement calls for:

* The protection of civilians and an end to all violence, with adoption of a ceasefire without conditions.

* The unconditional and immediate release of all hostages.

* Unfettered and immediate humanitarian access, as urged by the UN, including immediate reconnection to water and electricity.

* Unequivocal support for the ICC to conduct a truly independent investigation into all war crimes to ensure accountability.

* Acknowledgement of the failure of the international community to effectively engage with any meaningful peace process, and a commitment to work ceaselessly from now on to address the root causes of the violence which must include an end to the occupation.

Quakers are a church founded in the 17th century with a testimony to peace.

We urge our elected representatives to bring whatever pressure they can to the leadership of their parties and to call for an immediate ceasefire, and that all parties commit to work for an end to anti-Semitism worldwide.

Erica Cadbury, clerk, Keighley Quakers