ONE OF the most powerful dramas of 20th century British theatre will be presented in Adel, near Leeds, this month.

Adel Players will present Githa Sowerby’s acclaimed play Rutherford And Son at Adel Memorial Hall from October 22 to 25.

The play centres on a capitalist businessman who puts his factory before his family, and was a hit with critics and audiences on its London debut in 1912, before enjoying a successful run in New York.

The show is being directed by someone with a special interest in the playwright, Pat Riley, whose 2009 biography, Looking For Githa, chronicled the life and works of a woman who challenged the conventions of the time.

She said: “The principal character in the play, John Rutherford, is based on Githa’s formidable grandfather, who turned his father’s struggling glassworks into an international market leader.

“His relationships with other members of his family, especially his children, depend on whether they can be of benefit to his business and social aspirations.”

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