THE END of the year is often the time for reflection on what has happened over the past 12 months.

When looking back over that time it can surprise us how much has actually happened.

Haworth and the Brontë Parsonage Museum had a busy 2014; the Tour de France passed through, the 1940s weekend was a rip-roaring success and there were plenty of events throughout the year to be enjoyed.

It was at the end of July that I was invited down to Haworth to interview for the museum’s intern position.

After being offered the internship I packed my bags and moved from Aberdeen to Shipley. It was a big move and it was not without trepidation that I left my native Scotland.

I have, however, found West Yorkshire to be a wonderful place; the people and scenery have made the move so much easier and all the new experiences I have had mean the year and the first three months of my internship have flown by.

Taking on the position after finishing my masters I wanted to experience as many different aspects of working in a museum as possible. The Parsonage has not been a disappointment!

Every day has been a different challenge, which I have really enjoyed. The beginning of my time here was quite daunting, with much to learn about the museum and the Brontë family history, and I spent a part of my time reading as much as I could about the Brontës.

The next task I faced was helping to catalogue books and other donations into the museum’s collection databases. There was a great range of material to catalogue and I have some personal favourites.

‘Wuthering Bites’ by Sarah Gray, a reimagining of the classic tale with Heathcliff as the orphaned child of a vampire and vampire hunter at war with his inner nature, is a story I think would please Twilight fans everywhere and one I have catalogued into the Parsonage library.

I have catalogued a copy of The Brontës by Flora Masson, discovered abandoned in a World War One dugout in 1918, a book fascinating and poignant for more than story written on its pages.

There have been books about the Brontës, stories inspired by their works, foreign language versions and film adaptations including a samurai Wuthering Heights and a Mexican version with Heathcliff as Alejandro.

Along with this I have been involved with researching objects, answering research enquires, uploading articles to the website and many activities in between.

At the moment, however, it is the museum’s closed period and we are busier than ever. Everyone is helping to prepare the museum for the visitors return in February.

I have been helping to move objects from display and to clean them, from waxing chairs to vacuuming Mr Brontë’s nightshirt. I help with whatever is needed and at the moment that means something different every day.

Yesterday I was researching the German first edition of Wuthering Heights but who knows what challenges today will bring!