WHAT did Emily Brontë’s wild anti-hero Heathcliff do after storming away from Wuthering Heights?

A possible answer is portrayed in a new collection of poetry on display at the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth.

In Heathcliff Adrift, award-winning writer, Benjamin Myers, explores what the famous fictional character might have done during his ‘missing’ three years.

Accompanying the poems is a selection of stunning landscape photographs by Yorkshire photographer, Nick Small.

Heathcliff Adrift forms part of this year’s contemporary arts programme at the museum. The work, conceived by Benjamin, asks where Heathcliff went and what he saw.

His journey came when the industrial revolution was in its earliest days, and the ragged beauty of the landscape was under threat from the arrival of mechanisation.

Jenna Holmes, the museum’s arts officer, said: “We’re thrilled to be working with Benjamin and Nick for this fantastic exhibition.”

Heathcliff Adrift runs until June. Visit bronte.org.uk or call 01535 642323 for more details about the exhibition and museum opening times.