A SUFFRAGETTE-inspired play written by a founding member of the band Chumbawamba will be performed in Glusburn.

The musical, called Wrong ‘Un: A Suffragette’s Story, is set in February 1918, and focuses on the struggles of Lancashire mill girl Annie Wilde as she strives to fight injustice and win women the vote.

This production was written by Boff Whalley, who was inspired by a friend unearthing a 100-year-old collection of suffragette memorabilia.

The show, starring Ella Harris and directed by Justin Audibert, will be staged at Glusburn Community and Arts Centre at 7.30pm on November 12.

The year the show is set in, near the end of the First World War and following years of suffragette protests, punishments and imprisonment, was also when the movement secured its first major victory – with the vote being granted, albeit with a raft of pre-conditions attached, to some women aged over 30.

It would be ten years later though, in 1938, before all women received the same voting rights as men.

Boff, who played guitar and wrote for Chumbawamba, decided to write the musical after hearing from a friend who had discovered her grandmother’s collection of suffragette memorabilia, letters, photograph albums and newspaper cuttings.

Amongst the finds was her grandmother’s suffragette medal, awarded to those women who were imprisoned and force-fed in Holloway Gaol for taking direct action.

Boff explained that he was determined to challenge some of the stereotypes associated with the suffragette movement, by showing that it was not just women from privileged backgrounds involved in the movement.

He stressed that plenty of women who worked in textile mills in Yorkshire and Lancashire devoted themselves to the cause, travelling down to London for demonstrations, going to prison, and being force fed when they went on hunger strike.

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