A WRITER in her 20s has promised a fresh, original and entertaining look at Charlotte Brontë in a new book.

Sophie Franklin’s Charlotte Brontë Revisited is said to be an indispensable guide for students and lovers of literature.

Sophie this month spent several days in Haworth looking at manuscripts at the Brontë Parsonage Museum and seeing the new exhibitions commemorating the 200th anniversary of Charlotte’s birth.

She is currently at university working on a PhD on the Brontë family.

Charlotte Brontë Revisited is said to show emphatically why the classic English novelist is still as relevant today as she’s ever been.

A spokesman said: “Far from the typical stuffy writing of textbooks, the book is a celebration of all things Charlotte.

“Sophie has a passion for her subject and wanted to write a fun and accessible book about her favourite author, one that would encourage today’s readers – especially young people – to love Charlotte’s books.”

Sophie looked at the heroine through 21st-century eyes, comparing Charlotte’s writing with modern trends in reading.

Readers can discover Charlotte’s private world of convention, rebellion and imagination, and how they shaped her life, writing and obsessions, which included the paranormal, nature, feminism and politics.

Charlotte Brontë revisited costs £9.99 from the publisher Saraband.