LOCAL history records in libraries exclude objects.

But objects deserve preservation as much as paper records, and Keighley cinema’s new manager David Pedrick has obtained a wooden carved plaque recording cinematic history in Keighley.

I was left with the task of listing Keighley Art Club’s third exhibition in the coffee lounge and felt privileged to be shown the historic plaque.

Our exhibition secretary has travelled abroad unexpectedly and as a result, the honour of viewing the plaque was mine.

That day I noticed how busy the cinema became, and later found that over the bank holiday, the Picture House had welcomed more customers than the cinema in Leeds. The staff should be proud of their achievement.

Our club may be asked to provide some paintings from the refurbished in the cinema, which is destined to be the plaque’s home.

We currently have 27 items in the coffee lounge, which in due course will be changed again. This looks professional.

Originally our directive was for film-based items, but later we provided landscapes, local history and portrait items.

See facebook.com/keighleyartclub for images of these and other original paintings by our members.

We appreciate very much the exhibition input from new members, such as Brian Moses, Mick Ford and Tracy Holmes, and all those who painted and framed work. In our second display one artist was contacted and sold five items.

Our latest member Dawn Holt saw the cinema display and was persuaded by her daughter to visit us at our regular meeting place, Keighley Healthy Living.

We give our gratitude to David Pedrick for allowing us to continue exhibiting in the cinema after he took over, so that customers have something to look at when waiting for refreshments or films.

Hopefully a replica of the plaque will feature in the cinema hall. David already informs customers briefly of the history of the building, when he is available in the lobby.

On returning to hang the paintings, cinema staff very generously donated a poster of The Railway Children film to a very happy gentleman who had acted the part of the doctor in the film in the 1970s. Another satisfied customer.

Last year Keighley Art Club closed in winter and open July and August instead. Of course, there was no snow that time, but we have decided to repeat this arrangement in the future.

The programme isn’t fully complete, but will appear on Facebook as soon as possible.

Two artists were unable to attend workshops in a leadership role at the last minute during recent meetings. However we still need carried on regardless.

If you have any enquiries about Keighley Art Club, call 01535 669914 in the morning or evenings, or contact us via Facebook.

As usual, our programme will alternate between members bringing reference material, some demonstrators, and some workshops. Materials are not supplied, and a rental charge is made for room hire, plus an annual membership subscription.

An artist from Skipton Auction Mart has asked us to run a workshop and we have agreed.