Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience, Ilkley Cinema

ON the face of it, you could almost claim the title is a violation of the trade descriptions act.

It’s not a movie in any shape of form. There’s a bunch of previously unreleased Peppa Pig TV episodes held loosely together by a rather saccharine young presenter with one of the most annoyingly sickly sweet voices ever to insult your eardrums.

Oh, and did I mention the audience participation, too?!

But, to be fair, the title actually says cinema experience. And for many eager toddlers, it will be just that. The first time they have set foot inside a cinema.

If this is the way in which they are eased into a lifetime supporting their local silver screen, then I, for one, am all for it. And judging by the rapturous reception this screening received from families venturing out for an alternative Sunday lunchtime treat, it is a huge hit.

For the kiddies, there was the chance to see their favourite animal animations on the big screen. And for the adults, there was more than an hour’s welcome respite from trying to keep them occupied, plus the added bonus of playing the ‘who is the celebrity voice game game, comedians David Mitchell and Jo Brand being the most notable additions to the regular cast.

For me, however, the ‘first cinema experience’ represented my debut at the absolutely incredible Ilkley Cinema. How I have failed to darken their doors before now is beyond me. What a simply stunning little venue, complete with sumptuous sofas and cracking coffee and cakes, I’m determined to become as much of a regular as any father of a two-year-old can be.

It’s hip and trendy for all the young things looking for an uber cool night out on the town, while also being fantastically family friendly.

Richard Parker