Crumble's Search For Christmas

West Yorkshire Playhouse

SHOPPING, decorations, wrapping, cards, food, more shopping... the Christmas list of tasks goes on and on.

Among all the chaos, what an absolute pleasure to enjoy an hour of pure escapism in the warm and comforting surroundings of this cute and cuddly tale.

West Yorkshire Playhouse's seasonal story is an absolute Christmas cracker. Enchanting and captivating, it transports the audience into an all together more innocent, simple world of woodland creatures and the fight to survive as the harsh winter weather approaches.

It’s time for Crumble to hibernate. At least that’s what Crumble’s always been told. Until one year, unable to sleep, the temptation to go and see what’s out there and 'find a Christmas' seen on a discarded card is too much to resist.

And so, leaving the family burrow behind, Crumble begins the adventure of a lifetime.

Will there be a way home before the great freeze? Or will Crumble have to stay with newfound friends? And why has no one ever said anything about snow?

Created and directed by Robert Alan Evans, the writer of The Night Before Christmas, this magical story of secret burrows and blustering blizzards is perfect for two to six-year-olds... and their grown-ups, as well!

A simple yet superbly designed set and warm, glowing lighting draws you into this magical world, and the three actors playing all the roles – Lucy Bairstow, Riana Duce and Emily Goldie work off each other perfectly, full of energy and excitement making you feel like a wide-eyed child on Christmas Day.

This really was the perfect start to the Christmas countdown and an absolute treat for all the family.

Crumble's Search For Christmas runs until December 30. Visit for more details and to book tickets.