Benidorm – Bradford Alhambra

THE WORLD premiere of Benidorm Live arrives at the Alhambra Theatre to bring us a much-needed summer holiday as the weather starts to turn.

I love the TV show and had wondered how well it would translate as a stage show, but I was not disappointed, and not only did it go down a storm but I felt I loved it even more live on stage.

Benidorm writer Derren Litten brings the ITV's award-winning comedy to the stage, and the show’s pace, energy and fantastic set – that is a revolve within a revolve – delivers this a few hours’ entertainment.

This entertainment rarely lets up to allow you to catch a breath for the next belly laugh, as you join the cast for the all-inclusive fun.

The cast, including six of the show’s big hitters – seven if you include the very talented Asa Elliott reprising his role of the Solana's resident cabaret singer – are all present and correct.

There are the Solana staff and guests led by Miss Temple-Savage (Sherrie Hewson), old smooth hips and womanizer Mateo (Jake Canuso), lovable loser Liam (Adam Gillen) whose performance was "Unforgettable", Sam (Shelley Longworth) who can really belt out a tune, and the delight and force of nature that is Kenneth (Tony Maudsley) whose delicious one-liners and comic timing were a joy to watch.

My particular favourite was the oldest swinger in town Jacqueline (Janine Duvitski), whose antics and double innuendoes had me crying with laughter, and her chemistry with another highlight Gay Derek (Damian Williams) could easily have become a permanent fixture on the show.

The story revolves quite literarily around a couple of mistaken hotel inspectors and the Solana's staff trying to impress, but there is so much more to it.

Benidorm Live has everything, comedy, song, dance and even poetry, and moves along at breakneck speed on an ingenious set that moves you from reception to pool-side within seconds.

The second half has you sat in Neptune's bar, and I was even tempted to put myself down for karaoke as I felt such a part of the show.

Everyone in the cast delivered strong performances, and the story was moved along with

interaction with stars of the show.

The only concern I had was that the TV stars had understudies, and I was not sure how well that would have worked if you went to see a particular character.

* Until Saturday. Visit or call 01274 432000 to book tickets.

Dean Harness