Boy Weevil The Musical – KYDZ Keighley Youth Theatre

THE SHOW was produced, directed and performed by this dedicated team of people who really do go from strength to strength with every production.

This time they were tackling the issues relating to a popular TV superhero series and the fight for “centre stage” spot… and the mayhem that ensues!

This show was cleverly written by Jay Knights and Lucy Chester, directed by Jay and choreographed by Hannah Woollett. Congratulations to all three for devising and bringing their production to life with such energy and confidence from everyone involved.

Everyone on stage was an integral part – whether they were disgruntled stage crew, chorus members with big ideas, writers who were at loggerheads with each other, or vying for “top spot” in the musical, being goaded by the autocratic director.

Everyone was faultless in their dialogue. With 23 cast members involved, each and every one of them had dialogue at some point – I loved the way that every single person had their chance to shine.

There were some very clever musical numbers woven into the play – which really helped to bring out the storyline. Jay is extremely talented to be able to take a piece of music, and then adapt the words to compliment the storyline. Each and every performer was faultless in the songs. Hannah’s beautiful solo dance number was breathtaking. Well done on her choreography for the whole production – everyone looked to be really enjoying themselves.

- Sally Holmes, National Operatic and Dramatic Society