Hawk – James Patterson

Maximum Ride was one of Patterson's was memorable characters, a smart-mouthed teenage girl with wing who soared through a series of Young Adult novels.

Escaping the genetics lab that created her, she gathered a flock of fellow flyers and fought bad guys through several books, all the way to an apocalyptic climax.

Now, years later in a barren and beaten world reminiscent of the Hunger Games or Allegiant, 15-year-old Hawk is trying to survive while looking after fellow residents of a nightmare children's home.

Hawk has wings too, but until now she has managed to keep that a secret to avoid being hunted by the dictator of her ruined city.

Then she becomes too involved in the fighting between the street gangs and ruling families, and her secret is revealed. And life for Hawk is going to become a lot more dangerous.

That's the start of a fast-moving, multi-stranded, hugely entertaining story that brings the world of Maximum Ride back with a bang.

* Released on ebook on July 6, and in print on July 23.

David Knights