The Silent Wife – Karin Slaughter

ANOTHER gripping novel from one of America's best thriller writers in a rollercoaster read that again combines an irresistible storyline with the compelling relationship between Will Trent and Dr Sara Linton.

When I say "again" – we're used to Slaughter's expert blending of plot and emotion over a couple of past decades – there's nothing tired or predictable about this story.

Slaughter's last novel, The Last Widow, saw Sara kidnapped and taken to a cult compound where terrorists plotted an atrocity. This time the story centres on the murder of a young woman.

And while murdered women feature heavily in Slaughter's previous books, this one is made fresh because the trail led back several years and Will's team is called to investigate a miscarriage of justice.

The man imprisoned after the first murder, claims he was framed by local police – including the much revered chief, who happened to be the now-dead husband of Sara.

It's double stress for Will, not only investigating a new murder that bears similarities with the past crime, but treading a delicate path when Sara has to become involved, dredging up old wounds.

A new Karin Slaughter novel is always a pleasure, and this one is no exception.

David Knights