Spectacular is one of the words used by members of Oakworth Methodist Church to describe their annual panto.

And it appears to be the right word even though the show is staged in the surroundings of a village church.

In previous years the stage crew have created working waterfalls, a fountain, merry-go-round and steam train.

The merry-go-round and train make a comeback in this year's pantomime Little Tommy Tucker.

They appear from this Friday in a traditional family show alongside more than 40 enthusiastic youngsters.

Little Tommy Tucker is the 22nd pantomime adventure presented in the church opposite the top of Station Road.

Originally the stage was a permanent fixture at one end of the church, behind the congregation.

Since the building was refurbished, the stage has been specially built each year over several weeks.

The backstage crew still find time to create special effects that are regarded by villagers as outstanding.

The effects -- including ultra-violet sequences -- help the show sell-out most of its performances each year.

Little Tommy Tucker has an original story centring on two singing schools run by Dame Ditty and Dr Discord.

When the Duke of Sterling and his daughter Sophie arrive in town the school's rivalry is brought into the open.

A singing contest is suggested but Dr Discord rigs the rules so only a male singer is eligible.

Enter Tommy Tucker, with a wonderful voice, and Discord tries to steal his voice for his own competitor.

Organisers promise that although the storyline is different the scenery, effects, costumes and routines are as stunning as ever.

As well as performing song and dance routines the children play house elves, little demons and toys.

Others can be seen as townsfolk, ghouls, zombies, monsters, wildcats and fairground workers.

A spokesman said: "You'll laugh until you cry and you'll spell boo yourselves hoarse.

"Join in the excitement and laughter as you are carried along in another fun-packed spectacular adventure."

Little Tommy Tucker runs on Friday, Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and next Friday and Saturday, at 7pm.

There are also 2pm performances both Saturdays. Check ticket availability by phoning Janet Armstrong on 01535 642625.