WELL, they did it again!

Keighley’s Carnegie Library staff put on another stunning show before Christmas and had hundreds of Keighley folk out well past our bedtimes lip-syncing to all the old, and some new, favourite numbers.

Local duo headliners, The Hayleys, with their slide guitar aficionado guest and their irrepressible dad, held the audience alternately spellbound and blown away. Sadly I missed the support band but apparently they were great as well, The Black Hill Barrow Boys. They want a return to the ‘venue’ and I for one can’t wait.

This is how to increase footfall in our town. I remember the first heritage gig upstairs in our iconic Local Studies room in September, 2017. I said then that the crowds coming to the gig spend money before and afterwards, eating, drinking and making merry in our town, and they were doing it again. I can’t wait for the next gig. Let’s have an all-day event, with some cross-over from Keighley’s fabulous young musicians. We need to use this great venue and let all our talents shine, as the ‘in your face’ fluorescent sign on the stonework outside says.

Watch out Bradford, the 2025 City of Culture in Keighley is going to be quite an event if this fabulous venue, the most-used library in Bradford district, is still open! Who’d have thought we’d need to say it again, but – Save our Library!

Jane Lee, Utley

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