I WISH I could give this recipe more than five stars as I simply adore Scotch eggs!

But they’re not always friendly on the waistline when fried, so this recipe is an open-baked version as we think of summer coming.

It’s still yummy and surprisingly still has a good bite, like the fried ones.

Most people will have eaten a Scotch egg before but really never made them.

It’s easy and so much fun making these tasty treats at home, making them perfect for the lunch box or evening meal.

Contrary to popular belief, Scotch eggs have nothing to do with Scotland.

Actually, these little hand-size snacks originated as a British picnic staple with the name ‘’Scotch’’ coming from the term ‘’scotched” which refers to the preparation method of cooking something with breadcrumbs and frying it.

For me the perfect Scotch egg is all about layers: a crispy exterior, flavourful sausage meat, and a slightly soft-yoked hard-boiled egg, with the results of this combo being strangely addictive.

What’s not so addictive is the belly-bomb that the deep-fried version can often be. Traditionally all Scotch eggs are deep-fried, and like all my recipes I try to look for the healthiest and easiest options to inspire you to have ago!

So don’t be put off about the number of bowls and order they go in –if you set it up correctly from the start it’s a doddle. Remember dry before wet, the flour sticks the sausage meat and the beaten egg sticks the breadcrumbs.

The egg: there is a bit of a debate about what type of hard-boiled egg should be used, some like runny eggs, others barely soft, but keep in mind the eggs will continue to cook in the oven, so a five minute hard-boil will see the yolks quite well-done once cooked.

The sausage meat: I tend to use my favourite pork breakfast sausages, skinned, but good ready-made sausage meat is also widely available.

The coating: don’t skimp the three-step process, roll the shelled egg into the seasoned flour first so the sausage meat will adhere better, then feel free to use your favourite breadcrumbs like golden, Panko or fresh breadcrumbs.

I love the crunchy, apple and herb stuffing version which is always a winner in my household.

Then simply dip the Scotch egg into a little beaten egg for a final roll into your choice of coating, which is then baked on a baking tray till golden brown.

These Scotch eggs are great for a family picnic, or serve them with a nice crispy salad for the perfect complementary lunch or tea.

It might seem strange, but they are just as tasty at room temperature or cold as they are fresh from the oven. They are tons better than any shop-bought Scotch eggs at a fraction of the price.

So what are you waiting for? Get cracking, and remember a hard boiled egg is hard to beat!