Mary Poppins – Bradford Alhambra

THE STAGE adaptation of the classic film is a fantastic family show that improves on the screen version.

It’s a succession of jaw-dropping special effects and big song and dance numbers wrapped around a heartwarming family story.

I grow bored while watching the many hours of the Disney film, and while the stage version is almost three hours long itself, the time generally flies by.

Most small children at the Alhambra where as enraptured as the adults, and no wonder when Mary magicks toys to life, brings vibrant colour to a dull-grey park, pulls a hatstand out of her bag and takes to the air.

The story is the same as that of the film – the dysfunctional Banks family learn to love each other again – but it’s better structured than the original to give greater narrative and emotional punch.

Neglected children Jane and Michael have seen off several nannies, and their personal appeal for a replacement is thrown on the fire– only to find its way as ashes to the “practically perfect” Mary.

By way of tap-dancing chimney sweeps, a magic Talking Shop, statues that come to life and of course Supercalifralisticexpialidocious, our heroine soon wins over children and parents alike.

* Until December 10. Book at or call 01274 432000 to book tickets.