KEIGHLEY Art Club is based on teamwork. The administration and organising is split and we never fall out.

Many of the members have more than one hobby and juggle these with family life and jobs. Jeanette Bray and Pat Konrad, for example, cycled with a group of friends to Europe and back.

This was not the first time, as in the past they have raised money for charity with these trips. They also regularly cycle locally and I have seen Jeanette cycling up Park Lane at a decent speed.

Jeanette continues to be the club’s programme secretary and Pat has become treasurer. The only officer we operate without now is president.

Our cycling art decorations have now been removed from Keighley Civic Centre’s function room/bar.

Sadly the presentation of mounts proved a failure, as the paintings slipped and mounts buckled. The catering manager, Dan, has asked for further items that will complement his 1970s-based functions.

We have been asked by Cliffe Castle Park Conservation Group to help paint a winter scene when the birds are moved to warmer quarters and before the aviaries are demolished. However, this will prove a mammoth task.

We will continue to work on exhibitions planned for the Picture House cinema, Civic Centre cafe and Cliffe Castle Museum. The latter will be held jointly with Bingley Art Society. Tony Pratt, Keighley Art Club’s ex-president, has liaised to set this up for January to April 2015.

Why join an art group? Cost may be one reason. It is £91 for a 13 week art course and we have not increased our £2 a week charge for five years.

The internet is another reason. One artist came to my Long Lee group with a dozen A3 size paintings. He had been watching an art teach-in at 3am in the mornings. His work was very good, but the American programme never finished the paintings and he had no idea how to do this.

Others say you can look up how to paint on various internet sites – but by staying at home you don’t get feedback, you don’t meet other artists and you don’t support community buildings such as Long Lee Village Hall, Riddlesden Village Hall and Keighley Healthy Living.

None of our artists are paid for their voluntary work. Funds are used solely to pay room rental. Equally we are not paid to hang our work anywhere, including the Keighley cinema.

In fact, if any of us are fortunate enough to sell our paintings we pay commission to the venues, including Cliffe Castle, to help maintain the buildings.

Contact from artists willing to demonstrate their expertise is welcomed, to help us set up next year’s workalongs and speaker-type sessions, with the paintings being produced at the end of the the evening.

Keighley Healthy Living, where we meet, is near the bus station. For those with transport there is parking around the building.

Call 01535 669914 in the evenings if you have any questions.