NEW MEMBERS of Keighley Art Club, as well as visitors and art demonstrators, sometimes enquire whether we go on location to paint outdoors.

We have tried, but when we go on a day trip members who work are excluded, and when we went in an evening during our usual meeting times, the light went so quickly that paintings could not capture the scene.

One such example was our visit to East Riddlesden Hall.

We were made most welcome, and we were informed that artists were always encouraged to attend the hall and depict the scenery.

Sadly, the second half of the session had to be transferred inside and no one completed their painting, as dusk fell quickly.

On the positive side, we were able to wander behind the building and inspect the back of the premises. We were also invited to make a return visit.

Our next season’s programme included a booking at the hall, but unfortunately at the last minute we were informed. We were no longer able to visit and draw, because at least two members of staff needed to be present.

Our next venture was to the Five Rise Locks in Bingley. This time the response was very low, so it was not worthwhile to make arrangements that might have to be at the last minute.

Meetings with painting and drawing now tend to take place inside, in accommodation rented fromof registered charity Keighley Healthy Living, at 13 Russell Street.

Our reference material is often photographs which we take turns to take along on allocated dates, interspersed with weekly professional mentors who show us their particular speciality, or a field that interests us. This way we learn and practice.

There is no weekly teacher – those who want to delve more deeply into the various media than we can provide for £2 per evening go to our demonstrators’ training days. These events range in price, but generally cost £50 to £100 per day.

In case anyone would like to attend our demonstrations, the following sessions have been agreed for the 2016/2017 season. Please check the Keighley Art Club Facebook page to ensure the relevant session is still going to take place.

Every week we have a different theme, but if you want to paint your own subject matter, that is no problem. Reports on demonstrations are always made.

Last month, Joanne Kell gave club members an introduction to drawing animals in graphite. Then, on September 7 Les Darlow presented wild and loose skies in pastel. Both evenings were totally different, and both artists welcomed questions.

During October members Lorraine Green, Helen Tomes and John Wyeth, our joint president, have chosen the evening subjects: Helen with self portraits, which are great fun, and John with a surprise challenge.

The dates are October 5, 12 and 19 respectively.

We have 20 members are present but are happy to invite new people with or without experience of art, and who are happy to learn at a slow pace.