There were dramatic scenes in Keighley Town Hall earlier this evening when police officers were called to clear the public gallery.

Town mayor Councillor Sally Walker repeatedly asked members of the public in the gallery to stop filming the monthly town council meeting, warning them that this was against council rules.

This group of about a dozen people included Keighley residents Graham Forsyth and Elizabeth Mitchell, who had previously told the Keighley News they would go ahead and film.

They argued that the Government's own rules applied to all public council meetings, and that these rules now allow them to film.

After the meeting was adjourned for a second time the police were called, and six officers arrived shortly after 7pm.

Deputy mayor councillor Lionel Lockley accompanied them upstairs, where Mr Forsyth asked what grounds were being used to remove him and the other members of the public. 

The gallery was cleared peacefully and the people were escorted out into the corridor, but continued to insist on their right to film.

The town council meeting resumed again at 7.15pm.