An application for another wind turbine in Cowling has been rejected after a planning inspector concluded it would harm surrounding countryside.

Alison Partington dismissed an appeal by Nigel Ogley against Craven District Council’s refusal to allow a 112ft turbine at Dukes Farm on Hainstock Moor.

She said it would have a harmful effect on the character of the landscape.

Ms Partington said there were already eight other turbines in sight of the proposed new turbine, and others in the pipeline.

She described the site as having “expansive panoramic views” with limited vertical structures and with a “strong horizontal emphasis”.

She added: “Despite the slender design and white finish, the proposed turbine, with a strong vertical emphasis, would break the skyline and its presence would be emphasised by eye-catching blade movement.

“Such a prominent and striking addition would be at odds with the inherent characteristics of the landscape, notably its horizontal scale, openness and tranquillity.”

Concern has been raised about the cumulative effect of wind turbines, but Ms Partington noted many of the existing turbines in the area had been accommodated due to individual locations and had not become a defining element in the landscape.

She noted the proposed turbine was not clearly connected to Dukes Farm and there was a limit to how many more the area could take.

“The capacity of this attractive and sensitive landscape to absorb any more turbines is limited and the harm arising from the addition of a further turbine, as proposed, would result in the pattern, and scale, of the landscape being unduly dominated by turbines,” she added.

The application was recommended for refusal by Craven planning officers and dealt with under delegated powers.

Ward councillor Ady Green said he had not called the application to committee because he had agreed with the officers’ recommendation and welcomed the decision.

“I’m not against turbines when they are to help hard-working farmers and their huge electricity bills and I’ve supported some in my ward but not when they are just put up to earn a bit of money,” he said.