A Cullingworth mum whose young son was treated in Airedale Hospital’s A&E department has paid glowing tribute to staff.

And she is supporting the £100,000 appeal to buy resources for the new emergency department.

Four-year-old Tiernan Roberts was injured after jumping from a slide in the garden of his Highfield Terrace home.

Initially, he seemed relatively unscathed after the Easter Sunday incident, but mum Polly took him to A&E the following day when he had difficulty walking.

“They gave him an x-ray and it turned out he’d torn ligaments in his right hip,” she said.

“He was given pain relief, and although he is still limping a little, he is a lot better.

“The staff were absolutely fantastic and I am so grateful to them.”

She added: “It would be terrific if the new facilities included more for young people because it can be quite daunting for them, especially if they’re having to wait in A&E late at night.

“Having something in the new emergency department, such as distraction walls to take children’s minds off where they are and what is happening to them, would be a real help for parents.”

Community fundraisers have coined in nearly £2,800 through runs, walks and swims, which will help with provision for young people.

“The funds raised by these generous people are really wonderful – we will be able to buy new and, most importantly, suitable toys and books, as well as a media centre with TV and music function,” said Meg Crossley, consultant in emergency medicine at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust.

“This will help to keep children busy and distracted whilst in the waiting area. It will also ease the distress parents and carers encounter.”

And she stressed the importance of facilities such as the distraction walls for young patients.

“They will be wall-to-ceiling and play a vital role in helping parents entertain their child if they become agitated or distressed,” she added.

“The walls are so important for children who find coming into hospital – particularly in an emergency situation – quite frightening.”