AIREDALE Hospital's chairman says he is encouraged by the progress made to develop a new accident and emergency department for the hospital.

Michael Luger, chairman of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, was given a tour of the department – which is currently still under construction.

A trio of MPs, including Keighley's Kris Hopkins, Shipley's Philip Davies and Pendle's Andrew Stephenson, have also visited the premises.

Mr Luger said: "Andrew donned a hard hat and high-vis vest to tour the new A&E. It was my first tour of the project as well, and I was duly impressed with the thoughtfulness that has gone into its planning and its promise to allow us to provide a more fit-for-purpose emergency service.

"Hats off to our team for their hard work to deliver a quality project on time and within budget. It's exciting to imagine how our other planned estates projects – for example, the acute care centre – can help transform the hospital.

"All of our MPs expressed continuing support for Airedale, and as one would expect, concern that we stay out of the headlines for any misdeeds!

"We shared with them our challenges, for example, to be able to get more resources to cope with pressures in A&E, and each pledged to help in any way they could."