HAWORTH'S famous Bronte Parsonage Museum features in a newly published novel.

The attraction is a setting for Amy Flint's Shadows in the Mist, a ghost story centred on the experiences of paranormal investigator Dr Porter Biggleswade.

While Porter's work takes her to the parsonage, as well as locations in and around York, ghostly feuds are the least of her worries.

She also has to contend with a woman haunted by her living mother, a farmer plagued by spectral ewes and even a developer desperate to evict his medieval tenants.

The parsonage museum adventure is her first major case, where Porter is called in to investigate claims of poltergeist activity.

She meets the museum curator, a sceptic struggling to find earthly explanations for incidents happening at the parsonage. Porter then discovers that the historic building's old occupants are reluctant to leave...

Shadows in the Mist is the first book in a series of novels featuring the Porter Biggleswade character. It is available on Amazon.

Amy Flint grew up in Halifax, was educated in North Yorkshire and now lives in York.