CROSS Hills library could become community led.

A three-month consultation has been launched, and drop-in sessions will take place at Cross Hills and three other libraries affected — Settle, Bentham and Ingleton.

If taken on by their communities, the libraries will still receive the support of North Yorkshire County Council.

“A current group of community libraries has proved to be a resounding success,” said Councillor Chris Metcalfe, executive member for library and information services.

“We can’t deny they were introduced originally because of the need for us to do our bit to get the county’s economy back on an even keel, but the reality is they have proved to be of enormous value, and their introduction has enabled the people of North Yorkshire to continue an effective library service where otherwise they might so easily have seen it diminish or disappear.”

The council currently plans to have three categories of libraries — core, hybrid and community managed.

The drop-in session at Cross Hills Library will take place from 3pm to 7pm on December 12.

Visit tation for further information.