A NEWLY-formed action team will ‘cross borders’ to tackle rowdyism in Bracken Bank and Ingrow.

They will move beyond the two neighbourhoods to root out those responsible for a sharp rise in anti-social behaviour.

Organisations involved in the team hope their efforts will help reduce similar trouble in other parts of Keighley.

They will work closely with agencies in other areas such as Parkwood and Oakworth, mirroring the activities of youths who do not confine their activities to one territory.

The mobile nature of the anti-yob campaign was revealed by this week by Keighley West ward councillor Jan Smithies.

Earlier this month district councillor Cllr Smithies brought together several organisations to find solutions for the recent wave of anti-social behaviour.

The fledgling Youth Intervention and Prevention Group identified about 40 youngsters causing trouble across the neighbourhoods.

Criminal proceedings were promised against the worst offenders with warnings for other youths, along with efforts to support families whose children were involved.

Cllr Smithies said that not all the youths involved lived in the Bracken Bank or Ingrow areas.

She said: “Some live outside the area and go to school in our ward. Young people cross boundaries. They walk around at this time of year because it’s cold.”

Cllr Smithies said that funding applications were being submitted to employ extra ‘detached’ youth workers, who would engage with teenagers on the streets rather than in traditional youth clubs.

Although focusing on Keighley West Ward, the workers would also work with youths in the Worth Valley and Keighley Central areas.

Cllr Smithies added: “We’re making sure all the bodies will be working together to maximise the resources we have.”

The Youth Intervention group will meet again on December 15, and its membership will grow to include representatives from schools across Keighley.