A DOG which had to have its ear cut off after being abandoned in a field has been rehomed.

Tigger was found by a dog warden in the Keighley area with horrific injuries to his head and neck three weeks ago.

He was taken into Dogs Trust Leeds where staff said his injuries were some of the worst they had seen. The lacerations were so bad that Tigger’s ear had to be removed.

Rehoming centre manager Amanda Sands said: “We couldn’t believe the injuries that Tigger had sustained. We aren’t sure whether they were deliberate or happened once he had been dumped, but either way it was awful.”

He has now been given a home by David Langton and Alison Byard.

He said: “As soon as I saw Tigger, I knew he was the dog for us, and we are so excited that he has joined our family.”