BUS services through a Worth Valley village were disrupted by separate incidents on two successive days last week.

The problems in Stanbury were caused by an "inconsiderately" parked vehicle in Main Street last Thursday (Dec 18) and a burst water main on the same route the following day. (Dec 19)

A spokesman for Transdev Keighley said police were called to deal with the parked vehicle blocking the route of the 664 bus service.

He said the service was halted for about 40 minutes during the afternoon before the car was shifted.

The 664 buses were affected again the next day after a water main burst in Stanbury.

The Transdev spokesman said: "The burst water main in Main Street meant buses could not pass. The service operated via Cemetery Road and terminated at Lumbfoot and we had to use a smaller vehicle because of the diversion route."

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said officers went to Stanbury shortly after 4pm last Thursday in response to a call about a blocked bus, but added that the bus had managed to leave the scene by the time they arrived.

A spokesman for Yorkshire Water said: "One of our contractors had been visiting a site in Main Street, Stanbury, to do some preparation work for a repair.

"While on site they found a burst on the pipe. The repair was carried out immediately leaving around 30 properties without water for around half an hour. A water tanker was provided which kept water flowing to another 30 properties. The repair has now been completed."