AFTER the Great War, Keighley officially adopted the small battle-scarred French town of Poix-du-Nord, providing its residents with a red-brick community centre called the Keighley Hall, opened in 1922 to cries of “Vive Keighley! Vive l’Angleterre!”.

Here is the French memorial to “Enfants de Poix-du-Nord” who died for France. Its graphic image shows a French soldier and a woman lying dead in a heap of rubble.

The photograph was taken two years ago by Paul Cuthbert, while visiting the war grave of Sergeant F Cuthbert, MM, of the Royal Garrison Artillery, who died in 1918.

In 1925 a French party laid wreaths on the Keighley War Memorial, with an inscription which read in translation: “From the delegation of Poix-du-Nord: to the glorious sons of Keighley, who died for a common cause.”