A DRUG dealing mother was breastfeeding her two-week-old baby when police raided her home, a court heard.

Jessica Mahomet, 21, was jailed for three years for supplying controlled class A drugs diamorphine and crack cocaine from the house she shared with her boyfriend Mohammed Shabir.

Shabir, 22, was jailed for 41 months for the same two offences, described by a judge as "peddling death".

As she was sentenced Mahomet burst into tears in the dock, shouting "What about my baby?" as she was handcuffed and led to the cells at Bradford Crown Court Court yesterday.

The couple were caught when police executed a search warrant at their then home in Victoria Road, Keighley.

Both were arrested but Mahomet was released by officers as she was breastfeeding her then two-week-old baby.

When police raided the property they found 12 small knotted wraps on a bed in the living room.

Seven of these wraps were heroin, weighing 592 milligrams with a street value of £29.60.

The five wraps of crack cocaine weighed 202 milligrams with a street value of £15.15.

A small quantity of cannabis and £195 in bank notes was found in the living room.

Two sets of digital scales, which had white powder on them, and 1,000 small plastic food bags were also seized.

Three mobile phones, which featured text messages about drug dealing on them, were also recovered by officers.

During the raid, on October 1 last year, a man knocked on the door at the house and asked for 'Sarnie', which was Shabir's nickname. When asked by an officer what he wanted, he said "one white".

Both Mahomet and Shabir pleaded guilty to both counts of supplying Class A drugs, with the offences committed between July 2 and October 1 last year.

Emma Downing, prosecuting, said: "Both defendants had an operational function within a chain, were motivated by financial advantage and had an awareness and understanding of the scale of the operation."

Judge Jonathan Rose told the pair: "As you were preparing to bring new life into the world, you were engaging in peddling death from your home.

"You did this expecting to make money.

"You embarked on a cottage industry, trading in drugs.

"I don't see a distinction between the two of you. You involved equally in the enterprise. You were involved in bagging them up and selling them.

"Shabir, you were put in a position to pay off your debt.

"They would come to you and you would handle the transaction.

"Mahomet, you made a choice to engage in drug dealing with your partner."

Simon Hustler, mitigating for Mahomet, of Pearl Street, Keighley, said: "Having the baby has turned her life around.

"She had had a difficult life to date. She accepts her role in what was going on."

Two further offences of possession of controlled class A drugs against Shabir were left on file.

Andrew Dallas, mitigating for Shabir, of Surrey Street, Keighley, said: "He made big efforts to rid himself of his own drug habit just before their arrest. He was under pressure to work that debt off.

"It was in unsophisticated circumstances. People were coming to their premises from time to time. Texts were sent to their own phones.

"He got off drugs when he became a father and he stayed off drugs and they have got away from that area. They have moved away from the drugs scene."