PEOPLE living in Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury parish will be given a direct say in what local community projects should receive shares of public cash.

Their parish council is rolling out a participatory budget initiative, and has made more than £20,000 available, to be split proportionately between the three villages in the parish.

Councillor Gary Swallow explained: "The parish council previously has run a pilot participatory budget system, but only in respect of the village of Stanbury, where £2,000 has been allocated for projects.

"Public meetings have been held to decide which schemes the public prefer to support in Stanbury, and money has been allocated to fund a lengthsman and repairs to the church path.

"During the recent 2016/17 budget debates, the council decided that participatory budgeting should be extended to all three villages, and that this would be implemented and overseen by the parish council's environment committee.

"The aim is to provide a greater degree of democracy and public involvement."

At the latest full meeting of Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council, Cllr Swallow said public meetings would be taking place next month to show parishioners how they can take part in the initiative.

There will be an April 30 deadline for local community projects which wish to be considered for funding.

Participatory budget money allocated includes £10,674 for Haworth, £8,424 for Cross Roads and £2,000 for Stanbury.