A MAN with depression and anxiety problems "self-medicated" by growing two substantial cannabis crops, Bradford Crown Court heard today.

Sean Mellett's home, in Minnie Street, Keighley, was twice busted by the police in seven months and a total of 65 plants seized.

Mellet, 46, who pleaded guilty to production of cannabis on July 7, 2015, and February 21 this year, took the drug to calm his anxiety, the court was told.

He had a history of morphine and cocaine dependency and used to drink up to three bottles of vodka a day.

Prosecutor Syam Soni said the police found 39 cannabis plants, with an estimated £15,000 yield, on the first raid.

The second search uncovered 24 plants with a potential £4,500 value.

Mellett's barrister, Camille Morland, said the cannabis was all for his own use.

He was under the care of a community psychiatric nurse and the drugs were for pain relief.

He grew a second crop because he thought the police had dropped proceedings against him for the first grow.

Judge Jonathan Rose sentenced Mellett to two years imprisonment, suspended for two years, with a nine month Drug Rehabilitation Requirement and a four month curfew order.

He told Mellett to seek proper medical help for his health and addiction issues.

"Cannabis is a harmful drug, psychologically, mentally and socially. Grows of this size are a social problem because when word gets out about them, you become a target from people who like to cut out the growing stage and steal your plants," Judge Rose said.