LEARNING has entered a new chapter at Eastburn Junior & Infant School.

Year-four pupils were visited by author Stephen Pass, who led a writing workshop.

He introduced the youngsters to his illustrated children's book, Madge the Mermaid.

Mr Pass read the first two chapters with the pupils and explained how the story, about a mermaid created from items washed up on a beach, was created.

His presentation included some early drafts of the book and versions of illustrations considered before publishing.

Mr Pass outlined the whole process by which books are written, illustrated and published.

Year-four teacher, Mrs Lizz Harpa (CORRECT), said: "Stephen's book really captured the children's imagination and they are eager to find out how the story ends.

"We feel very fortunate to have shared Stephen's time and energy.

"His presentation engaged the pupils' interest and has had a positive, motivating impact on learning."