THE CLEANING and repair of Harden War Memorial will cost around £3,130.

Parish councillors were given the estimated cost by a senior Bradford Council parks officer during a recent meeting.

There were told the quotation did not include repairs to the front walls or reinstatement of the original stone finials on the memorial.

The project will fall into the Small Grants Scheme administered by the War Memorials Trust.

Councillors voted to include flowerbeds behind the war memorial in their new schedule for maintenance of the village’s flowerbeds.

The parish council is negotiating with Shipley College for students to carry out the flowerbed work, and has sought planting advice from Harden’s Woodbank Nurseries.

The council has found three quotations for a new recycled plastic bench for the Women’s Institute, ranging from £423 to £458. The cost of groundworks and installation will be £160. The council has agreed to spend £50 on a replacement brass plaque for the bench.

Councillors plan to apply to Bradford Council. The cash to provide a picnic bench in Harden Park.