CULLINGWORTH children will this month give a gala performance to mark the end of their Battle of the Somme project with the BBC.

Pupils of Cullingworth Village Primary School and Farnham Primary School in Bradford teamed up to work with BBC Radio Leeds.

Children of the Somme, which commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, culminates in a special event on November 17 at Bradford Playhouse.

The event includes performances and work from the children, performances by SAA UK musicians and Annapurna Dance, and the world premiere of BBC presenter Nick Ahad’s play Coming Home Together.

Children of the Somme saw the radio station working with 30 pupils to help them find out more about their own history and any involvement their family members might have had with the battle.

The children attended a series of two-hour weekly workshops involving educational talks about the history of the Somme and writing activities.

Being introduced to a new culture, they worked on literacy and creative skills with poems and stories about the Battle of the Somme, in addition to learning new musical instruments and dance routines with a South Asian influence.

Updates on the ambitious BBC Radio Leeds multicultural project were broadcast on BBC local radio and television.

Harriet Taylor, class teacher at Cullingworth Primary School, said the children had screamed with excitement when they discovered the BBC was going to visit.

She said the children were able to get used to different cultures during their work on the project.

BBC Radio Leeds editor, Sanjiv Buttoo, said: “Within the first hour of the first day of the Battle of the Somme, thousands of soldiers from Bradford and Leeds were killed.

“The devastating losses were not just the young men from West Yorkshire; 130,000 troops of the Indian Forces served in Flanders during the First World War, and two Indian Cavalry troops were among those taking part in that first battle of the Somme.

“They have relatives living here who may be unaware of those sacrifices, which unite us all.”