A student of Parkside School in Cullingworth has won the local round of the Future Chef competition.

Jake Taglioni and fellow Parkside student Chloe Allatt competed at Leeds City College after winning the contest in their own school.

Kerry Mabbley, the northern programme manager for Future Chef, said there had been an amazing night and two fabulous students.

She said: “Not only are they technically very good, they are also super polite and a credit to the school."

The regional final will be on February 7 at York College, and each competitor will have £10 to spend on their dishes.

Jake will also receive a chef’s jacket that has to be worn for the final.

The nine students who took part in the Parkside heat last month were praised for creating “incredibly complex and varied” meals.

The school’ s food technician, Sarah Osgerby, said: “The maturity, variety and complexity of the dishes produced were astounding. The smells wafting down the corridor distracted the staff in school from their marking and lesson planning. All