KEIGHLEY will next year join the flourishing Parkrun movement with its own weekly event in Lund Park.

A team of volunteers will host timed runs every Sunday morning that will be open to children aged between four and 14.

Organisers have already recruited 11 volunteers, but need more to ensure the Parkrun becomes as successful as those held every week in dozens of towns and cities around the world.

The first Parkrun was held at Lund Park on December 11 as a test, for children aged four to 14.

Youngsters ran 2km, which was twice round the park, and had their time recorded.

Community development worker Jo Horrox said: “This was a trial run to see how it would work in practice when it is launched in March 2017.

“Parkrun relies entirely on volunteers and so far 11 volunteers have signed up to support the project.

“We are still looking for more volunteers to enable us to launch properly in March, and this can as much as every week or as little as once a month, it all depends on what people can offer.”

Volunteers will need to be at the park from 8.30am to 10am during the days when they are on duty.

Junior Parkrun is a series of weekly 2km runs for children aged between four and 14, always held on Sundays at 9am areas of open space around the UK.

Jo said: “They are open to all, free, and are safe and easy to take part in.

“Children are under no pressure to take part every week, they can drop in and out of Junior Parkrun so it can easily be fitted around busy family lives.

“There are currently 123 Junior Parkrun events in the UK. Over 80,000 children have taken part and between them they have run over 650,000 miles which is literally further than the distance to the moon and back!”

The organisation Parkrun UK is supporting the Lund Park project, and additional funding is being provided by Public Health.

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Jo Horrox at Keighley and Ilkley Voluntary and Community Action (KIVCA), by emailing or calling 01535 665258.

Bradford already has a successful Parkrun for adults, which takes place every Saturday at 9am in Lister Park.

Participants – who range from absolute beginners to competitive athletes – run 5 km against the clock.