SPORTS clubs across the district are being issued with letters highlighting what they can do to tackle child sexual exploitation (CSE) following recent reports of historic sexual abuse in professional football.

The move has been revealed by Jenny Cryer, of the Bradford CSE Hub.

She said: “There will be a leaflet sent out to be put in sports clubs telling people how they can come forward if it’s an issue.

“There is no evidence it is an issue in Bradford district but we want to make sure people are aware.”

Last week, figures showed that nearly one-fifth of CSE cases being dealt with by the Bradford Hub in a snapshot study were from Keighley.

Authors of the document examined two main sets of data – the overall figures for cases referred to the hub in the 2015-16 financial year and a snapshot of 'open cases' being dealt with on March 29, 2016.

Nineteen per cent of the open cases were from the Keighley Parliamentary constituency.

Sports clubs told the Keighley News that strict safeguards exist to protect both young people and adults.

Keighley Cougars chairman, Gary Fawcett, said: "It's absolutely mandatory from the Rugby Football League that everybody who works for the club – even if they're not working with children – must undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service check.

"I don't work with children, but I had to be vetted.

"This issue is taken extremely seriously.

"When I heard the allegations made by former footballers, I was absolutely stunned that professional clubs could possibly allow that to go on."

Cougars have set-up a hugely successful youth development programme, with some of the players already feeding into the first team.

Terry Caddy, president of Keighley Albion amateur rugby league club, said everyone working with its youngsters was also vetted.

"All sorts of checks are carried out on anyone who has anything to do with the teams," he said.

"It's an issue we're very aware of and strictly enforce the safeguards."

The club caters for age groups from seven to adult and has around 200 young people on its books.

Anybody with concerns that a child in the district may be at risk of sexual exploitation should contact Children's Social Services on 01274 437500.