TRADITIONALLY a time for reflection, rejuvenation and resolution, the month of January is also time for settling back down into our daily routines.

Most of us will have enjoyed the holiday season with family and friends and most likely visited our favourite pubs.

In recent years charitable organizations have encouraged us to abstain from alcohol during the first month of the year as a counter to the supposed excesses of the season and then donate the money we’ve saved by not drinking to them.

CAMRA and the brewing and pubs industries say don’t stay away from pubs and breweries in January, but support them at a time when they are traditionally quiet.

Tryanuary #tryanaury is a great initiative encouraging us all to visit local independent breweries, pubs and beer outlets and discover new beer styles and flavours. Far from advocating excessive drinking, Tryanuary supports sensible consumption, while experiencing something new and exciting and at the same time supporting local businesses.

In the Keighley area we have a good mix of traditional, modern and some unique public houses and bars. Quality beers and ales are created by our local breweries which have been established from just a few years to one with more than 150 years of tradition.

Between them they produce classic styles such as Mild Ales, Bitters, Stouts, Porters, India Pale Ales, Blondes, Wheat Beers and Old Ales as well as a vast array of new beer styles with exciting aromas and flavours created from malts and hops from around the world.

We should make January a time of rejuvenating our senses with these aromas and tastes. We should reflect upon the support we’re providing local businesses and resolve to continue the ideal of Tryanuary throughout the year.

Visiting new pubs and breweries to enjoy new beer styles is fun, community orientated and a great way to meet like-minded people.

Tryanaury has great social media support on Twitter at #tryanaury and everyone is encouraged to join in. And by the way, you can enjoy yourself and of course still contribute to the very worthy charities out there.

Details of the breweries in our area can be found on our website and information on our pubs at