THIS IS a good time of year to prepare entries for the handicraft section of Keighley Show.

The handicraft marquee contains a variety of categories such as painting, baking, photography, knitting and crocheting, beekeeping and honey, and last but not least children’s creative works.

As with the agricultural parts of the show, held in September each year, rosettes and modest prizes are awarded to winners, and silver cups given to the best in show.

The show’s management team publish the actual categories in summer each year, but often they are similar to the previous year. Last year the arts subjects were simplified, but the volume of entries was rather low.

Without paintings submitted by Keighley Art Club and Long Lee Art Group there would have been only three items.

The reduced categories last year were a landscape, a collage, or anything in any medium. The previous novice section was scrapped. The previously-popular knitting and crochet table was barely filled in 2016.

By starting now, people can easily prepare entries for the show.

In 2016 the beekeeping, baking and photography sections proved to be very popular when everyone was circulating after judging finished.

The children’s stall had several entries, but more entries from schools or community groups would boost the section. Items entered related to recycling, and other subjects which might appear on the show’s website, but which might be changed.

The competition encourages creativity in children, and participation in major events locally.

Non-perishable items can be planned or started now whilst the weather is not as good.

You can enter more than one category. The entry fee is nominal. Entries receive a parking token for the top car park. Winners receive a rosette and winner’s card, and the best in show receives a silver cup.

If you prefer to wait final for the categories to be announced, you could make a diary note for June. For regular entrants the management post schedules out in the mail, or it may be on Keighley Show website.

The photography section seemed to have increased last year. How nice if the other creative handicraft submissions could become popular again?

Private individuals or members of groups can put in entries, and I’m sure more would be very welcome to any of the handicraft categories mentioned here.

At the same time, recent reports suggest both wellbeing and creativity benefit from activities included in the handicraft section. This is an added bonus.

Anyone interested in joining our art group is welcome at Keighley Art Club, which meets in Keighley Healthy Living, behind Keighley library, on Wednesdays from 6.45pm to 8.45pm.

Our members bring things we can paint. Once a month we have experienced artists giving demonstrations, and on other evenings we paint our own choice of item, so there is something for everyone.

See our Facebook page for Keighley Art Club, where our weekly programme by Jeanette Bray also appears.

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