DALTON Mills bosses and tenants are looking forward to the iconic Keighley structure’s starring role in upcoming movie The Limehouse Golem.

Filmmakers spent three months at the mill complex in Dalton Lane in 2015 shooting the majority of the movie, which will be released on September 1.

Stars like Bill Nighy filmed scenes of Victorian life created in various locations inside and outside the 19th century site.

An entire floor of the atmospheric Genappe Mill was transformed into a music hall – complete with gold stage and ornate decorations – and a prison.

And on the cobbles between the historic mill buildings the production crew created a realistic Victorian street and a harbourside complete with cruise liner.

Dalton Mills tweeted their fevered anticipation after learning of the date when The Limehouse Golem would hit UK cinemas.

Marketing manager Laura Bacon told the Keighley News this week that staff were really looking forward to the film coming out.

She said: “The filming was 18 months ago, so it will be good to see it as a whole.

“They were here for about three months – the majority of the film was at Dalton Mills. They also used somewhere in Manchester.

“There were two outdoor sets. They built a whole Victorian street, and a boat like a cruise liner.”

Laura said the filmmakers retained the dark, brooding atmosphere of the mill when they created the indoor film set.

The Limehouse Golem is described as a British horror-thriller film, made by major studio Lionsgate, which adapts Peter Ackroyd's 1994 murder mystery novel Dan Leno and the Limehouse Golem.

The story is set around a series of gruesome murders in London's Limehouse district in 1880, against the backdrop of crime and sing ranging from petty thievery to a vast criminal network.

A serial murderer is leaving Latin inscriptions smeared across the walls in the blood of his victims, living residents to believe them the work of the golem of Jewish legend.

Inspector Kildaire, played by Bill Nighy, calling real-life Victorian characters to his aid, including music hall star Dan Leno, novelist George Gissing, and political writer Karl Marx.

The film also stars Douglas Booth, Eddie Marsan, and Daniel Mays.

Nighy replaced Alan Rickman in the lead role after the latter's illness and death last year from pancreatic cancer.