SUMMER sees a new art exhibition at Cliffe Castle Museum featuring both Keighley Art Club and Bingley Art Society.

A preview of some of the artwork will appear on Cliffe Castle’s website before the exhibition, which will run from July 22 to October 8.

All the works are originals and all will be for sale, with 30 per cent of any proceeds given to Cliffe Castle towards the upkeep of the museum.

For further information contact the curators, myself or Joan Webb of the Bingley society.

Most art groups display they work to encourage creativity, increase skills and attract new members.

Any sales are a bonus, and enable the artist to buy more materials and frames, the costs of which are met by each individual.

This annual exhibition continues a tradition started with the first Keighley Art Club (with Bingley) event in 1922, when adults and students from TC Butterfield’s Keighley Art School were welcomed in joint exhibitions.

It takes a lot of courage to show your work to a whole town and beyond and hear criticism. We respect our members who take the plunge and hope people of all ages are encouraged to take up this hobby, which can lead to other activities such as making greetings cards.

Each person submitting items for the exhibition is allowed a maximum of three works. There is no set theme, but space in the Cliffe Castle upstairs gallery is limited.

Gratitude is given not only to participating members, but also the unpaid volunteers at both clubs and all the staff at Cliffe Castle, who display our work so well in divine conditions.

The improvement works to the grounds of Cliffe Castle, the animal house, palm house and cafe, which are being carried out in conjunction with Cliffe Castle Park Conservation Group, should be complete by the time of the exhibition, so why not see both?

Please bear in mind that although Cliffe Castle Park and the playground are open each day, the museum is not open on Mondays. It opens on other days from 11am to 8.30pm.

Our two art groups are different in the way they meet.

Bingley Art Society meets on Thursdays at Cardigan House. Call Joan Webb on 01535 663450 with all enquiries. There is no set programme.

Keighley Art Club meets on Wednesdays at Keighley Healthy Living, Scott Street, behind Keighley library, from 6.45pm to 8.45pm. Call me on 01535 669914, with any enquiries. We have a weekly set programme to add variety.

On TVs The Painting Challenge, someone commented that if you only paint what you like, you will never lord or increase your skill level. By trying different subjects and mediums, you also find your best work.

Bingley Art Society has just completed an exhibition at Bingley Arts Centre, and Keighley Art Club has ongoing exhibition in the in the coffee lounge at Keighley Picture House in North Street.

Keighley Art Club events are publicised on Facebook. Meanwhile, Bingley Art Society has John Harrison on August 3, a workshop on December 7, and Paul Talbot-Greaves on February 1.

A charge is made by both clubs to cover room hire.