A DENHOLME firm has launched a revolutionary ‘fridge’ that uses the unpredictable British weather to power household heating systems.

Renewables company Infinity Innovations says its equipment can draw power from the sun, wind, rain and snow to provide hot water.

The Bunsen Air Solar Assisted Heat Pump taps into a home’s existing water cylinder and pipework.

Two black panels are fitted to the outside of the house, with a refrigerant inside that boils at -26 degrees and can even work at night.

Company director Jake Findlay described the system as a fridge in reverse.

He said: “Essentially what we have created here is ‘night time solar’, or ‘solar for dreadful weather’ - a renewable hot water system that couldn’t be more perfect for Yorkshire!”

Infinity Innovations, which has a five-strong workforce, specialises in bringing cutting-edge battery storage and solar technology to the UK market.

The company was set up in 2012 in a Keighley mill but, following a boom in the solar industry and greater demand for renewable products, moved to Denholme Business Park which provided more-suitable floorspace and easy access to the motorway network.

The Bunsen Air was researched and developed over a period of 12 years, most recently with investment from Infinity Innovations who are its sole distributors.

Company spokesman Jessica Pape said: “One of our main strengths is understanding the products we distribute, offering advice and support to a network of installers who work alongside us.

“This has resulted in a host of loyal and regular customers and a strong network of installers.”

Mr Findlay and operations manager Mick Gaughan, who lives in Keighley, who have both been with Infinity Innovations since it began, have direct contact with customers, negotiating sales and offering expert technical support.

Mr Findlay recently attended an exhibition in Paris where the Bunsen Air received “fantastic” interest.

The equipment is designed to be fully automatic, switching on whenever household cylinder temperature drops by five degrees from the set temperature.

Mr Gaughan said: “We have tried to make this product as affordable as possible, never comprising on quality. Any household can benefit from the system.”

Infinity Innovations has a training centre in Denholme for installers to learn more. The Bunsen Air was recently awarded an Energy Efficiency rating of A, the highest possible rating for a system of its kind.

Email sales@infinityinnovations.co.uk or call 01274 833115 for further information about Infinity Innovations.