COUNCILLORS in Oxenhope agreed to authorise a maximum payment of £250 to settle a copyright claim lodged against them.

The claim was made against Oxenhope Parish Council by the firm Pixsy Case Management, following the council's use of a photo on its own website.

Pixsy Case Management, acting on behalf of photographer Steven Gillis, argued that the council's unauthorised use of the landscape image by Mr Gillis amounted to copyright infringement.

The company had demanded a retroactive license fee of £368, adding that if it did not receive this it would progress the matter to a solicitor, who would begin legal proceedings to secure a larger sum.

Oxenhope Council, which has removed the photo from its website, said its use had been an unfortunate mistake. Late last year the council sought advice from its insurers.

Commenting last November, Kain Jones, chief operating officer for Pixsy Case Management, said his firm's job is to have its clients' rights upheld and for them to be compensated when their work is used.

Oxenhope Parish Council members accepted the maximum £250 payment to resolve the claim at their monthly meeting yesterday evening. (Jan 10)