A TEENAGER caught by police with wraps of heroin and cocaine hidden down his socks has been locked up for 28 months in a young offenders institution.

Billy Cooper, 19, was being searched by police at his home in Highfield Road, Keighley, on May 24 last year when officers noticed the “bulges” in his legs.

Bradford Crown Court heard that Cooper had got involved in “street dealing” to make money after losing his job in a warehouse.

A report from the probation service, which described Cooper as immature and “easily-led”, said while he admitted he had got involved to make a financial gain, he had no plan on how and where to sell the drugs.

Judge Jonathan Rose told him: “You are an object lesson of issues with Class A drugs. You made a conscious decision to get involved in drug dealing. You did not have a drug habit yourself, you just saw this as a way to make easy money. This is not the way to make a fast buck.”