BRADFORD theatre company Freedom Studios is premiering a new play by former Coronation Street writer Ben Tagoe.

When We Were Brothers is a “site-specific” play that will be performed in the city’s music venue The Underground Bar from April 20 to May 5.

Freedom Studios previously performed the acclaimed drama Brief Encounters at Bradford Interchange in the actual Interchange.

The latest project explores male friendship and the fragile nature of the male psyche, and is directed by Freedom Studio’s co-artistic director Aisha Khan.

The play tells the story of Danny and Tommo, who have been friends since they were eight years old, playing, fighting and having each other’s backs like brothers.

Now they’re grown up, with Danny down in London and Tommo off work and back at his old bedroom.

But Tommo’s mum, Julie, is really worried about him, and Danny may be the only one who can help…

Screenwriter and Playwright Ben Tagoe, who worked recently as a regular writer on Coronation Street, said the fragile nature of masculinity was a recurring theme in his writing.

He said: “I’ve wanted to write a play specifically about male mental health and male friendships for a long time. Those relationships and the brittleness of the male psyche provide the central themes of ‘When We Were Brothers’.

“Since writing the play and losing a close friend to suicide, the subject of men’s mental health seems to have been talked about more and more in the media, which is a good thing.

“I’ve started to realise just how common it is for men to express fear or sadness through anger or violence.”

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