KEIGHLEY MP John Grogan has joined the hunt for water leaks in the town.

He accompanied Yorkshire Water inspectors, who explained methods of detection – including the use of technology such as drones, satellites and 'acoustic ears'.

As part of its aim to further plug the volume of water escaping from its pipelines, the company is hiring more leakage inspectors and trainees.

A spokesman said: "Reducing leakage is part of our goal to ensure everyone always has a secure supply of drinking water, now and in the future.

"By reducing the amount of water lost to leaks, we will build resilience and ensure a security of supply to an estimated one million more people in the region by 2045."

Mr Grogan said: "Cutting the amount of water leaking from the network means less waste and ultimately lower bills.

"I am pleased Yorkshire Water has set itself a more demanding leak reduction target than that required by OFWAT, the industry regulator."