ARTIST Nigel Overton discussed techniques and demonstrated an acrylic seascape of the Isle of Wight to Keighley Art Club.

He used MDF board, which he had sanded down and primed on each side and all of the edges to prevent warping.

The final coat was reddish orange to create a warm background.

Nigel repeatedly paints and destroys to create the effect he seeks.

Nigel’s overriding message is to take the individual out of their comfort zone. One example is to draw without looking at the paper.

He believes that with tuition anyone can draw and paint, based on observation and techniques.

Nigel was head of art and design at a Leeds school, and is now running courses at Bolton Abbey and Ilkley.

In Ilkley everyone takes their own subject matter for personal reference.

One of Nigel’s tips was to make our work different. If we are told that aspects are “wrong”, we should ignore what has been said, and follow our own direction.

Nigel’s prepared board had dried for two weeks.

He explained how his first outlines would support how the horizon or eye level must lie in a way to create foreground, middle and distance, which with added highlights would prevent the painting looking flat.

Light and shade would be adjusted later.

A 15-minute maximum was suggested for phase one of the sketch.

After this, Nigel paints loosely in all directions, not in smooth lines as a decorator might.

He works the entire space rather than concentrating on a specific item, to bring the picture together.

This encourages painting against your natural method.

The focal point is better to be offset instead of central, to lead in the viewer.

As Nigel changes his original outline he points out that watercolour does not allow this, and shows how you “make things happen”.

His brush marks and under-wash start to work together.

This is what Nigel strives to achieve, often removing or adding parts of a painting later.

He stresses that he is not a purist in his painting.

Keighley Art Club is not closing over the summer months. Visitors from closed clubs are welcome to three sessions during this time. A small charge is made.

We paint indoors, or if the weather is very hot our meeting place has a garden where we can paint herbs, flowers or vegetables.

Textured paintings can be made from tree bark, walls and garden furniture, or bring your own material.

Alternatively you can follow our programme.

Details are on the Keighley Art Club Facebook page about our Wednesday evening events at Keighley Healthy Living in Scott Street. Call 01535 669914 for details of everything we do throughout the year at the art club.

Last month’s subject was Dan Binns. Our oldest member Rita Butterfield, aged 87, said that Dan taught her in Settle when she was aged 14.

Images of Dan Binns’s work will be welcome on the Keighley Art Club Facebook or Cowling Moonrakers website.